LCEDC Supports Ballot Issue 1E

The Board of Directors of Logan County Economic Development Corporation supports Logan County Referred Ballot Issue 1E.  We agree with the need for this proposed revenue source to maintain and improve county facilities and structures.  A properly maintained infrastructure is a lucrative part of economic development.  It can prove our area an asset, where other towns may not be able to compete.  Many new businesses look at the age and condition of our City and County facilities, before deciding whether a site visit is necessary or not.  As this sales tax already exists, LCEDC believes that refocusing the use of these funds will help move county infrastructure and facilities into the future.  Including a sunset provision, aligns with the tax measure that was originally approved and that has been in place.  The ballot question allows for flexibility with use of the funds within the defined parameters and allows for a review of the effectiveness at the sunset date.  If 1E is approved, it will help the community to continue to improve and maintain our key existing assets.  Which in turn, will help promote Logan County. Join the LCEDC in voting yes on 1E and vote yes for the community.

Heather N. Brungardt

President, LCEDC Board of Directors


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